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About Turbotech Indonesia

Turbotech Indonesia (previously Turboned Indonesia) was increasingly developed since 2004. We commit to offer one stop shop for multi-brand turbocharger service such as ABB; MAN; Napier; KBB; IHI; etc with the best handling repair for SMALL - BIG FRAME Turbocharger.

In the middle of 2016, Turbotech Indonesia was appointed as ARA (Authorized Repair Agent) of MET Turbocharger Mitsubishi Heavy Industry in which the workshop, warehouse, office, management, are verified as well as the quality standart in Japan.

In early 2019, SLCE Watermakers France appointed Turbotech Indonesia as a certified dealer for Indonesian customers.

Then in 2021, Turbotech Indonesia had appointment letter with Alfa Laval Indonesia to introduce Pure Ballast 3,0 Ballast Water Treatment System in Indonesia Market.

Recently in 2022, Turbotech Indonesia expand the business by dealing with Teignbridge Propeller UK to provide a premium competitive Propeller and Shaft supply in Indonesia.

PT. Turbotech Indonesia has certified Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) to the ISO 9001:2015 standard and Occupational Health and Safety Management System (SMK3)


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Our history


TURBONED INDONESIA started its firm

TURBONED INDONESIA established as a subsidiary company of TURBONED in Netherland. All spares are verified and supplied by TURBONED Netherland, including the standard of workshop, engineers, and maintenance.



TURBO TECH INDONESIA officially launched instead of TURBONED INDONESIA.

TURBO TECH INDONESIA officially launched instead of TURBONED INDONESIA. It expanded the business with Engine spare parts division in which supplying High Quality Spare Parts for Diesel Marine and Power Plant. All the parts are under warranty*.



TURBO TECH INDONESIA is appointed as the agent of MITSUBISHI Japan

TURBO TECH INDONESIA is appointed as an Authorized Repair Agent of MET Turbocharger Japan. However, TURBO TECH doesn’t limit itself to repair MET Turbocharger only, but almost all brands Turbocharger such as IHI, Holset, KBB, KKK (small frame) or VTR, TPS, NR, Napier, etc.