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Overhaul Turbocharger

Flexible field service, both in workshop and on boards in which all the process are leaded with qualified engineers that expertise over 25 years in Turbocharger service and repair. Equipped with sophisticated technology, diverse manual books, and standard inspection lists, TURBO TECH brings the customer satisfaction as its main objective.

Repair Turbine Blade

Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding operated with certified welder in accordance with class approval. NDT and UV inspection are then carried out to determine whether there are fractures visible. Fractured blades over the standard are replaced with the new ones.

Metal Spray

The Metal Spray offered is perfectly adequate the customer’s demand, it is more cost effective and technically advanced method of restoring worn components and surfaces back to the OEM specifications and tolerances.

Computerized Dynamic Balancing

Supported with 5 unit Dynamic Balancing machines for small – large Turbocharger, TURBO TECH offers the responsive service on urgent enquiries to repair.

Big Discount

Offer the big discount for planned Turbocharger maintenance in TURBO TECH INDONESIA. Discount is applicable both in service and spare parts. All services attached with a very details report about customers’ Turbocharger troubleshooting.

Small Frame Turbocharger

Offer extensive program fro small frame Turbocharger with the following makers: KKK Schwitzer, Holset, BorgWarner, Garret, IHI, KBB, etc.