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Over 10 years, Turbotech Indonesia offers one stop-shop service for multi-brands Turbocharger. We offer fleet agreements with BIG discounts for planned maintenance on service & spare parts.

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Ready Stock Spare Parts

We store numbers of high quality spare part in our workshop, with various brands and size. The parts are under warranty which approaching 6 months

24/7 Service Works

We provide 24 hours in 7 days for Turbocharger service both on site and our workshop with 25 years experienced Man Power; High Technology Equipments; and Quick response.

24/7 Service Works

The workshop is certified by MITSUBISHI Japan, therefore we are appointed as Aurhorized Repair Agent (ARA) of MET Turbocharger.

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Turbotech Engine Part ID

Pada awal 2015, Turbotech Indonesia mulai mengembangkan bisnis ke suplai spare part mesin diesel. Spare part yang ditawarkan yakni meliputi genuine, OEM, atau copy part / non OEM yang berkualitas langsung dari pabrik pembuat nya. 

Berikut list kerjasama kami dengan brand beserta type mesin diesel:

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